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    The most beautiful part of a man’s body I think it must be there, where the torso sits on and, into the hips, those twin delineating curves, feminine in grace, girdling the trunk, guiding the eyes downwards to their intersection, the point of pleasure.

    Duane Michals, 1986

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  7. Anatomy, 60x60 cm, acrylic & glitter on canvas

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  9. Knee! Knee! Knee! OOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE

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  10. Pearls and necklaces and girls
    And all the pretty things
    I ain’t seeking to have
    It’s safe to say
    If I don’t get this out of me
    I might quite easily
    End up dead or just mad

    Cross my t´s
    Try to dot my i´s
    But thats just blinding me
    And I ain’t living that way
    I roll my sleeves
    And make a better man of me
    Or I might easily
    Just give up on this show

    It’s my show
    I must go
    With my soul
    Not my hand
    Where I stand
    It’s my role
    It’s my soul

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  13. New works coming!

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